Che Ecru - Backflip (Produced By Che Ecru x Mario Luciano)

Che Ecru's new album "Til' Death" out now ! Mixed & Mastered by our brother Leon "Thurdi" McQuay. If a lot of you guys don't know Che does all his own EVERYTHING ! production, recording, and plays instruments. Che and I have been great friends for a few years now and I never pressed him like yooo we gotta work on something or let me send you samples. It's just always been mutual respect for each others craft which is why I was pretty surprised when he hit me and was like "Hey I used one of your samples for my album" Che definitely has his own distinct style of manipulating samples and drum programming, I couldn't even tell it was one of my samples when he first played it for me. It wasn't until he reversed all the effects and played the original, which btw was from 2018 that I was like Oh WOOOW ! 

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