Reason - Favorite Ni**a (Produced By Kal Banx & Mario Luciano)


I had the honor of recently getting my 2nd TDE placement on the Reason New Beginnings album ! I assisted producer Kal Banx with a sample that I made early 2019. I was in La that summer and my manager Matt said "Yooo ima link you with Kal, go drop him off some samples" It was our first time meeting and we just chopped it up caught a vibe, he played some beats, I played and left him a folder of some exclusives and boom a year and some change later 1 of those samples made its way on to the project. It came as a surprise because I didn't even know I was on the album until maybe a month out and while in a session on another project we were working on he was like, yo you heard the Reason track yet ? I said nah, he played it for me and was like ya he did a video for it too ! Anyway that's my lil story of how the record came about, now go stream the entire album.

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