Soul Expressions

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Soul Expressions is a massive collection of over 120+ vocal 1 shots, containing Lead Vocals, Adlibs, Background sections, Harmonies and Phrases, ranging in genres from 70s Motown Vocals, Gospel runs, R&B, Psychedelic & Jazz Fusion stylistic vocals all sung by Lauren Santi who's vocal credits include Cordae (Thornton Street) Russ (Live from the Villa) and Guapdad4000 (Stoop Kid) Recorded thru some of the most rare and sought after analog equipment such as the newly acquired Quad Eight MM-310b preamps straight out of the Motown Sunrise console from 1973, RCA Bx 44 Ribbon mic, Vintage API 312 Preamps, and processed thru vintage reverbs like the AMS RMX 16, RE-201 and the new Polyphonic Studio Live Room. You can hear the texture, warmth and authenticity in every vocal take as if it were recorded in the early to late 70s.


This is a ROYALTY FREE PACK, but under no circumstances can you repackage any parts of these vocals and sell them in other form or included as a stem with your composition and sold in your sample packs.