Mischa Chillak Vol.1

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Mischa Chillak Vol.1 is a direct time travel into the psychedelic tones & soundscapes of the 1970s. You can hear his Ukrainian roots instantly in a lot of these samples with very distinctive and strong melodies plus incredible sound selection making Mischa's pack an instant standout on Polyphonic. This pack includes 12 original compositions drawing inspiration from rare Russian Prog & Italian psychedelic bands this pack is guaranteed to give your beats a unique flavor they've been missing. All of these samples were ran and mixed thru classic tube gear like the Altec 1567a tube mixer, Doublewide Tube Compressor, 251 Mic, Peluso Tube Mic and much more giving each sample an authentic analog tone and texture that can't be replicated with digital process. 


If you place a record on a MAJOR LABEL using the sample(s), you will split the publishing with Mischa Chillak fairly & Co-Production credit + fair split on up-front producer fee (where applicable) If you plan to release independently or upload the beat/song to all DSPs, youtube, Soundcloud or any other form of streaming you will still need to clear the sample(s) (CONTACT: Mchillak@gmail.com if this is the case). NO sample clearing hassles at all.