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Prog is a collection of over 75+ Guitar Melodies, Textures, Chord Progressions, One Shots & Fx. Inspired by rare Italian, French, Polish, and Czech Prog Rock bands of the mid 70's. Recorded and processed thru all vintage equipment from that era with guitar amps such as the Sunn, Panameric and Silvertone. Guitar pedals like the Maestro Rhythm & Sound, Mu Tron Phaser, Boomerang Wah, A/da Flanger, and all sorts of vintage preamps and microphones that really give each sound its own distinct character, saturation, warmth and color you cant achieve in the box. (Bonus drum break, rides and cymbal swells included)



If you use any of the one shots or fx sounds, this kit is royalty free. Any of the melodies or chord progressions will need to be cleared. If you place a record using the sample(s), you will split the publishing fairly & Co-Production credit + fair split on up-front producer fee (where applicable) If you plan to release independently or upload the beat/song to all DSPs, youtube, Soundcloud or any other form of streaming you will still need to clear the sample(s) (CONTACT: if this is the case). NO sample clearing hassles at all.